Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pet Cat Kittens

At just three months old, little tiger cub Kinwah looks quite vulnerable. Born at the Mogo Zoo, in New South Wales, Australia, Kinwah was reared by Sally Padey, Zoo keeper and owner, since he was just a two week old cub.
Kinwah’s hip joint problem which was discovered at birth convinced Sally that it would be wise to hand rear him. She has raised him with her German Shepherd dogs in the backyard. 


Sally’s German Shepherd, Rumble, has taken on the mantle of elder brother with Kinwah and is very protective about the cub. The occasional nip keeps Kinwah in check who is very naughty and is going through a phase similar to the terrible two’s that human babies go through.


However, since Kinwah is nowhere near the size he’ll grow to as an adult, Rumble is able to control him while he cuddles up alongside him. The two make an endearing sight.

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