Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cute baby with Dog - Great Picture

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dhiren Gala with Family and Friends on Juhu Beach - Last Night

It was a late night escape from daily routine, with family and friends. It was 11:00 in night I was in office with my wife Priti, Dharmesh called and we decided to go to Juhu Beach with family and kids. (Dharmesh, Formi and their yr old son Dhiransh)

Finally we all started our short ride from Mulund at 11:30 and could reach Juhu beach at 12:30 in night. It was very much lively over there.

Bunch of Baloons, Brought smiles on face of Heet Gala

Fortunately / Unfortunately both the kids have habit of sleeping late in the night so it was thrilling for them too...

Monkey Performance - for Rs 30/-... I felt monkey was really tired and felt bad for him as well as for his master.
We were happy to shake hand with him.

It was first time for Heet that he was on beach, He could not see much as it was dark inside but he surely had fun. He had seen Monkey (First time), shook hand with him, went in sea waters with me and played on beach.

Ladies and Children - Priti, Formi, Heet and Dhiransh

Family Perfect - Dhiren, Priti and Heet Gala

Dharmesh, Formi and their Navab - Dhiransh

You find lot of people roaming around till 2:00 AM after 1:30 AM food stall's started closing. There were lot of Cameraman's roaming around to give instant photographs. (this is usual on beaches in India and Gateway Of India), I was not very keen to get a pic but then one photographer could convince me and we had two pictures on the beach, I am glad that both the pics came out very well (They charge Rs. 30/- per photo of 4 x 6 size, but they can make it upto Rs. 20/- per photo if you bargain).

Heet Gala - On Juhu Beach @ Mid Night

Dhiren Gala and Son Heet Gala - had Good Time on Juhu Beach

Friday, December 10, 2010

Free Photo & Print at Korum Mall (Thane) - on Kodak Stall

It was part of promotion activity that was happening at Korum Mall, Thane last Sunday and there was a photographer who was taking snaps of visitors and through photo printing kiosk within few minutes a high quality printout (4x6) was ready (All free), The only thing that was required was to give your contact details on a paper.
Good Marketing Technique....