Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Useful Tips : How to Remove Permanent Marker from the Skin

How to Remove Permanent Marker from the Skin

Permanent markers are a fun and creative way to decorate binders, shirts, etc. If you write on your hands, it does come off, but it can sometimes take a while. If you don't want to wait for your body art to wear off, you can get it off with some of these simple tips and steps!


1. Scrub your hands gently with table or coarse (Kosher) salt. Lather on soap(preferably with a bar soap), and water, then rinse.
2. Dry your hands completely before using them to eat.
3. Make sure that you do not come in contact with your eyes or mouth.
4. Hand sanitizer works really well to get it off. Just squirt a dab on the permanent marker spot and rub away gently with a tissue.
5. Use rubbing alcohol on cotton ball or cloth and rub it on the skin. The ink will come to the surface and you can wash it off.
6. Hairspray also does a pretty good job of removing permanent marker from skin. Just spray liberally on the area, rub it a little, and wash your hands with soap and water before the hairspray dries.
7. And also fingernail polish on cotton ball or paper towel.
8. Try sunscreen lotion. This is what swimmers use at meets!


* Many permanent markers use alcohol as a solvent in their inks. Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) works well to remove permanent ink from many surfaces, including skin. The bottles you buy at the grocery store or pharmacy will have a mix of anywhere from 50% to 95% isopropyl alcohol. The rest is distilled water. The higher percentage of alcohol, the better it will work as a solvent. Isopropyl alcohol also works well for removing adhesive residue as well.
* Go to your local grocery store and get nail polish remover. It doesn't matter what brand or kind. Put it on cotton (cotton balls and q-tips work best) and apply, rubbing gently. If this doesn't work the first couple times try again and again.


* Don't scrub too hard; you may end up irritating your skin.

Things You'll Need

* Salt
* Soap
* Hand sanitizer
* Tissue/cloth
* Cotton swab
* Nail polish remover
* Rubbing alcohol

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