Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sunny Leone met her Fan and let him took a Selfie - at Mumbai International Airport

It was 3rd July, I was returning from Singapore with my wife and Son from a Vacation, It was a tiring Day and a long journey, after walking for around 15mins we were at the last gate just before immigration checking counters, and I saw Sunny Leone with Hubby Daniel Weber and 3 other team members walking by my side, I quickly recognized her and told my friend and wife about it, they were not able to recognize her may be because she was looking like any other Simple Girl and because of Glares may be she was not much evident to people on airport.

I was not able to talk to her as it was immigration counter and staff is generally very strict, I had to request few Passangers ahead of me in que to let me do my immigration formalities first so that I could run and catch her before she goes out of my eye sight. I succeeded in convincing them and then made a run all the way till luggage counters where she was waiting for luggage.

Yes, It was like a Dream, I was so Excited to see her in person and rushed to ask her for a selfie, initially her manager did not allow to take a selfie but then Mr. Daniel Weber (Her husband) and Sunny discussed internally and asked me to come and take a quick selfie. Sharing the Selfie with all you readers.

Gorgeous Sunny Leone with her die hard fan Dhiren Gala at Mumbai International Airport on 3rd July 2016
Let me confess she is much more Cute and Preety in Real then in Reel. I later found that She has returned from Thailand that night.

Sunny Leone with Hubby Daniel Weber in Thailand after Dinner picture - 1st-July-2016

I have become a bigger fan of Sunny after this incident.

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