Saturday, May 19, 2012

Child actor Taruni Sachdev's last shocking message to her friend before death

Many of us do not believe in fate and destiny. But, child actor Taruni Sachdev's cruel demise is an example of destiny. 14-year-old Taruni's death has left the film fraternity as well as her loved ones in a state of shock. But, what's more surprising is Taruni's behaviour and phone messages before the crash.

When a leading daily spoke to Taruni's friends, they learnt few strange and shocking truths. One of Taruni's friends informed the daily that before leaving for Nepal trip, Taruni hugged all her friends and said to them, "I'm meeting you guys for the last time." Though it was a light-hearted joke, according to her classmates, Taruni had "never hugged her friends or sent them goodbye messages before leaving for any of her earlier trips."

Taruni's best friend Tanushkha Pillai gave us one more shocking information about the deceased. Just before boarding the flight, she messaged Tanushkha, jokingly asking what would happen if the plane crashed. Taruni's friends believe that their best friend's death was destined to happen.

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