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Spain - Viva La Fiesta - 31st Dec 2011 - Review

In Single Word - Disappointed
Dear Readers, I have been to This event to celebrate 31st Dec 2011 with my wife and 12 other friends. It was known to us that as it's 31st, it would crowded every where, and we might have to adjust if we have to celebrate out. One of my friend suggested us this event at the Intercontinental - Andheri, for some 3500/- bucks for couple entry, and told us some of the attractions that she read on some promotion site. I am sharing those points here

Ad on Promotion Site

After bringing to you Sawadikap to Bangkok (2009), Dubai Dazzles (2010), The Lalit presents to you the most awaited NYE party of the year, it's Spain Viva La Fiesta. For the third time in a row, with the unexpected attractions & performances, SkyWays & Richboyz Entertainment are here again to blow your mind. It's Livin la Vida Loca which means living a crazy life, this is what the country with infinite dreams is all about - Spain.

In the last 2 years the demand graph of their New Years Eve has increased more than gold prices. The term 'Expect the Unexpected' is truly maintained by their deliverables. So you can't miss on this one. Be a part of history in the making.

Never Seen Before Attractions
1) Mesmerizing Themes
2) Astonishing Ambiance
3) Unlimited Food (Starters, Main Course & Desserts)
4) Unlimited Liquor & Soft Drinks (Beer, Whiskey, Vodka & Rum)

My Review
No doubt the crowd was cool, but management was pathetic. The crowd was much above the limit of the place.

Themes and Ambiance was ok, but food... where was it ? None of my friends had any food as we didn't get any. Management said the food is over. (Cheated the crown in the name of 31st).
As you have sold the passes you were knowing how many guest will come, I am pretty sure that no one will eat more as people were drunk, and were busy dancing so how can food finish if you plan it well.

Unlimited Liquor and Soft Drinks was really something that fooled everyone. They should have said it Free Liquor and Soft Drink, as it was Free but one has to stand in queue for 10 mins, manage the crowd at the counter,  request like a beggar to bartender (As there were very few counters to serve the liquor and soft drinks). What I mean to say is Unlimited Liquor, Soft Drinks and Snacks Service was not to the mark at all.

Other Services like Parking was in big Mess, Loo and Toilets were full and there was 3-4 layers waiting outside the loo. 

When one my friend asked the management about the food, He was told that food is over, when he tried to convince that this is wrong and he wanted food, he was man handled by group of 50 people (Security + Bouncers + Other Staff). and was pushed towards the exit. When our entire group interfered, they gave us chance to cool him down and get lost from there. We felt bad. and it was not Happy Ending.

After coming to senses, Revising and Realizing the entire thing, I felt It's really not easy to maintain the crowd, as people are High on Drinks, they want to enjoy and they are completely out of control. It's really Hard and I really salute the organisers for their work. My Message / Request to The organizers (RichBoys) is to make sure that in future they take care of such issues. In my opinion they should sell the passes in limit to make sure that quality is maintained and they are able to manage in better way.

I wish all of you all a very very happy new year.


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