Sunday, June 19, 2011

Uttar Pradesh Village "Shiv Nagar" - changes its Nagar . . . Read Why?

A small village from Uttar Pradesh in India has decided to rename itself from ‘Shiv Nagar’ to ‘ Nagar’ (nagar means town) which is apparently named after an online deals website – Apparently, the village itself decided to name themselves after the website, to thank the company to install manual water pumps around the village, bringing the inhabitants clean drinking water for the very first time.

Well, there goes a +1 for their PR, this was a indeed a huge success. CEO, Kunal Bhal

    “We honestly did something very simple – didn’t even cost that much – and installed 15 hand pumps, which now enable clean water within a distance of 50 meters for all the residents of the village.”

    “We must have spent a total of $5000 on getting this and the really cool part about this is that these 15 hand pumps will give clean water to the villagers for the next 15-20 years!”

He also added how a small company can improve a few things is small village and how other large organizations can do the same.

    “Ours is a fast growing, yet relatively still-to-get-there company with 500 people.”

    “There are 640,000 companies incorporated in India, many many of them much much larger than ours. Assuming even 10% have the resources to do anything (and $5000 isn’t really a lot), we can solve water problems for 64,000 villages and millions of people in India. Something to think about.”

While this is definitely going to help the company create a better image and maybe had a lot to do with their brand marketing, the fact is we don’t care. Clean drinking water for 15 years, for a village where even the government showed no interest, makes me proud to be a user. They have definitely earned it and let there be Nagar!

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