Sunday, May 29, 2011

best software for cyber cafe management in india

Running a cyber cafe is not an easy task, In india there are several rules for cyber cafes. Some of the rules says that cybe cafe has to maintain records of their visitors for the period of 1 year. Cyber cafes have to even collect ID proofs and pictures of their visitors.

Apart from these there are various business accounting issues like payment, print reports etc which are to be maintained to make sure that no one from staff is pocketing any of cash from the counter.

Clinck is one of the best cyber cafe software awailable today in market, They started few years back with just an desktop advertising software, which used to pay Rs. 5 per Day per Terminal to cyber cafe owner. Then gradually they started building the Cafe Management Software, made it free, made it as per the standard required by Police and other authorities.

The best part about Clinck is their support system and updates. Though in the due course of time Clinck stopped paying incentives to Cyber Cafe owners, but Cyber Cafes continued to use Clink as I believe in real sense Clinck has made their lives easy.

This is Dhiren Gala, and I am using Clink for past 3 years (approx) and am very glad that Clink is here. I strongly recommend Clink to any person running a cyber cafe.

Official website of Clinck :

Clink's Official Website

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